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    Rail engineering installing overhead power cables


    Experienced chartered surveyors have worked extensivily with Network Rail to support the deliverly of their £500m Overhead Line Equipment, Electrification and Plant portfolio of works. Responsible for the procurement, contract, commerical and cost management services.

    Key project: Great Eastern OLE Renewal. This overhead line renewal project is renewing the present OLE fixed tension equipment from Liverpool Street to Chelmsford, with a modern high reliability auto tension OLE system. On completion the project will provide customers with a faster more reliable railway.

    Key project: Great Eastern Main Line Power Supply Upgrade. this project envolved carrying out traction power enhancement works to support expected train service pattern along the GE main line route in Anglia. This necessitates both a National Grid connection and Network Rail infrastructure changes including, provision of a new 400kV bulk supply point and AT-ready feeder station, removal and decommission of existings 132kV bulk supply and feeder station and overhead line equipment upgrades.

    Key project: CP5 Anglia E&P Renewals. Undertake the renewal of life-expired E&P assets at strategic location within Anglia. The drivers for the renewal of these assets was condition and safety.



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