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    Bewl Water Reservoir to Ashford Project

    Working with Southeast Water supporting the successful delivery of their £450million Asset Management Plan (AMP5).

    Working closely with the SEW project team members to ensure the relationship between the process design, civil, mechanical and electrical construction elements were appropriately managed at both project and programme level.

    This 500mm diameter main based on extensive strategic planning and infrastructure modelling, represented a major capital investment spread across 3 seperate phases. Phase 1 a 10.9km main running between Bewl Water Reservoir and Cranbrook Reservoir was successfully completed in 2006.

    Phase 2 runs between Cranbrook Reservoir and Biddenden has also been successfully completed in 2008. Phase 3 of the cross country pipe line runs between Biddenden and Stubbs Cross.

    Bewl Water Reservoir to Ashford Link Project

    South East Water investing to improve the supply of water to the eastern section of South East Waters area. These new improvements involve the laying of a new strategic water main between Bewl Water Reservoir and Ashford.

    Services Provided:

    • Procurement and tendering
    • Commercial management of term contract
    • Cost planning
    • Cost management.
    • Forecasting & spend analysis
    • Facilitate client and contactor commercial relations
    • Review and contract applications
    • Administer contracts payment
    • Contractor liaison & site measures
    • Term contract claims management and dispute resolution
    • Third party and consultant liaison



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